Wigleaf Longlists “The Osseous Tissue of Fish…”

5 May

Many thanks to the editors and staff of Wigleaf Magazine for long listing my story “The Osseous Tissue of Fish, Two Poems and one Song, How to Safeguard a House Key, They Drank Water Out of Jars, Where the Microphone is Hidden.”

Long title, innit? This story is part of a “triptych” that was published originally in FRIGG in the fall of 2012 (thanks FRIGG editor, Ellen Parker).

I most likely would have never known about Wigleaf’s nod … not if it hadn’t been for my friend, writer Matt Robinson who congratulated me on “that Wigleaf long list thing.” (paraphrasing). I answered back with a tweet: “?” He then had to explain.

Usually I have no idea when awards are given or what for they’re given, so I’m out of the loop big time on that. Maybe I should investigate; maybe I’ve won something else. There may be some moneys due…  There’s an oul’ story about William Faulkner not ever opening his mail unless there was a check in the envelope. He’d hold it up to the light and investigate.

Hey, being recognized is nice and much appreciated…seeing that check in the envelope is more favored, to tell the truF.

Thanks also to writer and friend Mel Bosworth who sits on the editorial board of Wigleaf and possibly had a hand in choosing my story to long list. And if not…who cares, Mel is a friend, so I’ll just thank  him for that.

You can read my story, in FRIGG, here.


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