“Estuary: a Confluence of Art and Poetry” Wins.

31 May

On May 29, “Estuary: a Confluence of Art and Poetry”  was voted the Best Mixed Anthology for the Saboteur 2013 award in that category. Agnes Marton, co-editor, was in attendance to represent the editorial team at the awards event, which was held at the London Book Club.

I was asked to contribute a short piece to this amazing, large collection that paired each poem with a piece of original, commissioned art (Hariette Lawler was the art editor). I decided to send in “Idiosyncrasy,” which is also published in my collection “Gears,” and which I read this past March at AWP in Boston as part of Connotation Press’ event at The Greatest Bar.

I’m extremely honoured to be part of such a great project, and—although awards are controversial subjects with artists, in general—I feel that the win for this particular project is well-deserved. Congratulations to all the poets and the artists featured in this collection.

You can purchase (and preview) the book here.

And some links about the award:

Links to reviews:

Directory of poets and artists:


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