Happy Half Year B-day “Gears”

30 Jul

Today, my collection of 70 short stories and flash fiction “Gears” turns 6 months old. It feels a lot older than that, because, well…it truly is. It’s the culmination of 7 years of writing and nearly 3 years of publishing in various literary and poetry journals, some materials having even appeared on this site in the mid and late 00s. 

I wish to thank the scores of editors who took chances on my writing and subject matter over the years and decided to publish it, and the many readers who have bought this book and reviewed it on Amazon, Goodreads, other literary venues, or even on their own blogs. Without word-of-mouth and recommendations, this book would not have sold one single copy. 

If you wish to buy this book from Powell’s Books, I have a 10% discount code I can email the first to reach out to me at swinesite@gmail.com or gearscollection@gmail.com. It’s good for online purchases only. 

If you wish to buy it from Amazon, it’s already discounted 10%; at $13.49 for 400 pages of what I think is great fiction, it’s a true bargain.

And, if you’re local to Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (North Carolina, USA), you can head to downtown Raleigh and find a few copies left at So & So Books–Raleigh’s newest independent book store. Click any of the logos on the right side of the page, and they take you directly to the afore-mentioned venues.

Many thanks to you, readers, reviewers, editors, and overall good people for your support over the last not just 6 months, but in some cases approaching 10 years. 


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