Roadtrip to Toronto – August 2013

17 Aug

Guest Post by my wife Teresa Chapman

8 days; 1650 miles; beautiful weather; best stress-free vacation yet

By State: NC, VA, WV, PA, NY, ON, OH, WV, VA, NC

By City: Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Toronto, Woodmere, Marietta, Charleston, Raleigh

By Meals/Drinks: Smugglers Wharf, Tim Hortons, Cafe Diplomatico, Kalendar, LCBOGolden Wheat Bakery, Bob LoblawChef Alex, Urban ThaiFresco’s Fish & Chips, Utopia, Chef Jason, B-Spot, Marietta Brewing Company, Subway

By Area/Attraction: AppalachiansWV Welcome Center, Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, Little Italy, CN Tower, Kensington Market, TTC Streetcar, High Park, Pennsylvania Welcome Center, Eton Shopping Center, Ohio River

By Books Read/Park Benches Sat On: Tenth of December, Healey Willan Park, Hinterland, Bickford Park, Clinton St. Public School, The Insufferable Gaucho

By Author/Artist/Friend: Amanda Deo, Troy Palmer, Jason Chapman, Shannon Flynn, Amanda Veal, Kavitha Kumar, Pat Pujolas, Kristin Knauer Wilson, Eric Nowjack and Erin O’Brien


2 Responses to “Roadtrip to Toronto – August 2013”

  1. T. L. Sherwood 17/08/2013 at 5:12 PM #


  2. Jason Chapman (@jasonAchapman) 19/08/2013 at 4:58 PM #

    I am glad I could be a part of such a grand adventure! Road trips are the best.

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