In the Stream at The Prague Revue

4 Dec

Click Midnight Shift in the Newsroom, Pt. 2 published in The Prague Revue.

This is part of a monthly series “Tales from the Trough” (which goes behind the scenes in media and journalism). Here’s a link to Part 1, if you haven’t read it. And now I realize that I never listed part 1 here, so I definitely recommend cranking out the first part. Though I’ve tried to write part 2 as a stand-alone piece, it definitely continues the story published last month.

I’d like to thank editor-in-chief of The Prague Revue, Shaan Joshi for giving me free range to write basically about whatever I want. This kind of freedom is something that I often look for, but hardly find. Shaan has made it clear that as long as I don’t write accolades about the Gestapo, I can go in whichever direction I wish.

I also want to thank my wife, Teresa, (@Da_Missus if you’re on Twitter, PLEASE follow her, she has lots of great stuff to say and post) who took red pen to this particular 2nd part and cleaned it up, streamlined it, and made it move much smoother than the original piece I’d written. For some who don’t know, Teresa served as my copy editor for both Short Lean Cuts and Gears: A Collection. I find that she is an outstanding copy editor and fully trust her edits and suggestions.

So…I hope you enjoy my monthly non-fiction stuff; I plan on sticking with this for a good year, if not longer, depending on the response and interest. Next month on Tales from the Trough, the White House beat. It ain’t necessarily what you think it is.


One Response to “In the Stream at The Prague Revue”

  1. Da_Missus 04/12/2013 at 9:20 PM #

    I must say, in my defense, I am not responsible for the missing period in the first section! Gah! Otherwise, excellent piece!

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