The New York Times Calls Guernica Magazine “Excellent”

12 Dec

In their literary look back over 2013 this past Sunday, the New York Times called Guernica  Magazine “excellent,” and I more than agree. I was, and continue to be humbled to have a very short story called “Vanya” published in Guernica in the May issue of 2012. (Thanks fiction editor Meakin Armstrong.)

Guernica Magazine is literally the very first place I go to online to read fiction and reportage. The magazine has published some of my all-time favorite writers such as Etgar Keret, Jose Saramago, Marguerite Duras, Peter Stamm…

One of the many things I love about Guernica is its commitment to publish an international array of writers, as well as translations of novel excerpts. And in March of 2012, Guernica brought us an “exclusive” of sorts that made my entire year: a long-lost, never-before-published, very early story by Portuguese novelist Jose Saramago, called “Things.” This story was rejected by all publishers before Saramago became…well…Saramago, but it’s a fantastic piece of work (presented by Guernica in two parts in their March and April issues), vividly indicating the style and allegorical, dystopian subject matter that were to earn Saramago a Nobel Prize in Literature many decades later for brilliant novels such as Blindness and Seeing.

I am so grateful that literary magazines such as Guernica exist and maintain their commitment to publishing great fiction from not just within our borders, but reaching to the entire, international literary spectrum.


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