Monica Lewinsky, Slick Willie, and Sitting Vice President Al Gore as Guest on the Show

3 Sep

This is my next-to-last monthly column at The Prague Revue.

Sadly, after October I’ll be moving on and quite likely away from non-fiction. It’s been a great year writing for TPR. I feel that I need to concentrate more on selling my novel, selling a long short story that’s already being looked at by a dozen paying markets, and maybe starting to think about writing another book.

In October, I’ll finish out my “Tales from the Trough” series. I’ve been thinking about largely expanding the series into a book-sized memoir of sorts and shopping that around as a behind the scenes tell-some type of project. I don’t know yet. I have all these great ideas and limited time in which to either develop them or implement them.

In any case, I hope you like this month’s offering. Veep Gore struck me as a typical, well-oiled, veteran politician…a charlatan through and through. Many people upset with the debacle that was the 2000 presidential election (remember hanging chads?) keep saying to me: “I wonder what it would’ve been like with Al Gore as president instead of George W.?” It would’ve been basically the same, is what I answer always.

And it would have.


One Response to “Monica Lewinsky, Slick Willie, and Sitting Vice President Al Gore as Guest on the Show”

  1. agwallacewriter 21/09/2014 at 7:06 PM #

    “A charlatan through and through”? You mean like father like son?

    “Al’s dad had been a tobacco and cattle baron in the Deep South, respectable enough to be elected to Congress where he recommended ending the Korean War by nuking the peninsula in two.”

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