Book of the Year

1 Dec

A few posts back I wrote up a list of books I read in ’14, based upon my Goodreads account (with “reviews” and ratings). I finished out the year with Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, which was at many times as beautiful and brilliant as it was mind boggling and mysterious.

For me, the “book of the year” was a close contest between Bolano’s 2666 and Pynchon’s masterpiece. 2666 won out in the end; it read more cohesive and more profound than Pynchon’s work of art, although I must say I truly did enjoy the amazing digressions in Gravity’s Rainbow. The wacky, labyrinthine mind of Pynchon is on par with Bolano’s ever-expanding imagination, but the Chilean just…appeals to my tastes a tiny bit more. And so it goes.

Both novels inspired me to write on, to innovate within my own work, and to begin a project (novel) in length and scope as ambitious as 2666 and Gravity’s Rainbow put together. Insanity, yes, but what’s a world without insanity and delusional purpose.

I’ve started on something just to get the machinery working; it’s a short piece called “Patrol” and it is a good example of the style in which I’m looking to write for the first part of this new novel (tentatively called Posthumous).The book will be composed of three very long parts, each connected by one simple object (and idea).

At this point I’m leaning toward just posting the short piece here instead of trying to publish it. It’s certainly…different and I don’t see it matching up with too many lit journals out there, other than maybe The Newer York, but the piece will most certainly exceed the length The Newer York is looking for. So it may very well pop up here sometime next week when I finish it. But it will give you a good idea of the style and theme for the first part of this new project.

Hope all three of you who read this site had a good holiday, if you celebrate such things.


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