All Is Free

9 Dec

After I finished my novel The Sun Eaters this summer, as I began researching publishers and small presses at which the book might fit, I quickly wrote two short stories (that are still being looked at by some lit journals) to just keep the momentum going. From the end of August, though, I didn’t write anything new (other than a nonfiction column for The Prague Revue, which I’ve since left). I concentrated on publishing the two short stories and the novel.

“All Is Free” (along with another longer piece that I’m still working on called “Patrol”) was designed to get the machinery going for January, when I plan on beginning my second novel tentatively called Posthumous.

In “All is Free” I tried experimenting with what I like to call “angular dialogue.” It’s strictly my own made-up term, nothing “legit” or literary…it’s basically coming at the reader with ideas from odd angles, almost making the exchange a monologue, really, but still keeping a sense of a related conversation.

I see “angular dialogue” more in musical terms and that’s what I tried with this story. Thelonious Monk is brilliant at giving you these amazing notes coming from strange, even maybe alien angles: acute, obtuse, right, left…so this is what I was looking for with the dialogue in this very short micro.

I also wanted to keep an international vibe of sorts without specifically pinpointing a country or even a time frame. This piece could be taking place in contemporary times. Or not.

I hope you take two minutes to read it. And I hope you like it.


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