March, Ides, but No Idling Allowed

4 Mar

No one really reads or visits this site any longer; the word “blog” itself, I’ve noticed, elicits much eye-rolling from whomever you’re talking to (including me, honestly). But I feel a sense of loyalty to this site; throughout its several incarnations, I’ve been writing here on and off since July, 2004. My daughter was born that month, that year, and she’s finishing up 5th grade in a few weeks. It’s hard to believe that this particular spot in the ether has existed as long.

Since last June when I finished my novel The Sun Eaters, I’ve been busy trying to find a publisher for it. I’ve attacked both “indie” presses as well as the majors, and even a few outside the United States. I’ve also gone the Literary Agent route, hoping to find representation at several agencies. All these processes are ongoing.

Two offers have come in since, one with a publisher out of Corfu, Greece and the other from a publisher in the United Kingdom, but both contracts were not to my satisfaction, and so the search continues.

In the meantime, I was fortunate enough to be able to write three new short stories, “The Good Sentinel,”  “A Pursuit Race,” and “Patrol.” The first two are making the rounds as we speak at several literary journals. “Patrol” is being published April 1st in The Adroit Journal (link to come when it goes live).

In between my full time career at NC State University, researching publishers for the novel, writing the three short stories, and just being part of my small family, I’ve started writing my second novel. This time around, I am going back and writing with a pencil on actual paper. It’s not that I am a Luddite–quite the contrary. I just became tired of saving ongoing versions of work in progress in so many places: the Cloud, thumb drives, on laptops, on desktops. I am also finding that when I hand write a giant work like a novel, I tend to slow down a lot more and think more critically of the sentence I’m about to write. And also, when time comes to transfer or transcribe the written work into a Word document, there occurs an extra, natural editing step in the process.

So the time rolls on. In July, this site turn 11. Maybe it’ll have more than 2 visitors per day by then, again. In its heyday, there was a veritable party going on every day. You know, a small party, but nevertheless a party.


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