Been a Long Time, Been a Long Time, Been a Long, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely, Lonely Time or The Longest Title of a Post on this Blog

13 Jul

Tons of events have transpired since I last posted here. But I won’t talk about them because they’re mostly personal. Trips have been taken but not for pleasure. Business has transpired. Life has rolled by. I have new aches and pains. My new favorite song is Eminence Front. My favorite bands are this and this. I’m still struggling to place The Sun Eaters with a publisher. I have devised a great way to make an existing crash cymbal sound like a trash can (place a smaller cymbal directly on top of it), thus saving me at least three-and-a-half C-notes. I’ve tuned my kit a bit lower than the usual jazz kits, but I like it that way, so stuff it purists.

Mostly the good news is that I’ve begun to write again. My second novel is tentatively called The Long, Oil-Stained Life of Rosetti. The catch this time is that I’m writing it by hand and on paper. I can’t spend too much energy fudging with saving it on different devices or in different clouds or mediums. Regarding this issue, a writer named Karen Guzman shot a few questions out my way about this (GASP!) low-tech approach, and I tried to answer as best I could.

You might like it. It’s here.

Other than that, I got nothin’. Summer days are hot and long and I’m dreaming of Iceland and Italy with a detour through Toronto. One day I’ll win the lottery and take up residence on the QE2. It’s still sailing, innit?


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