My FBI File

22 Oct

The following information was released to me in 2003 after a pending (3 years) protracted formal request to FBI headquarters, under the U.S. State Department’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

(Censored), Installation Services Division, United States Postal Service Management Academy, 250 Khartoum St. Potomac, MD., advised that on January 28, 1993, he learned from a confidential source whom he declined to identify that Alex M. Pruteanu (AMP), a file clerk with employee number 20687N5, was allegedly writing obscene articles for the City Paper magazine of Washington D.C. and that he was not married to the individual listed as the beneficiary for his Life and Health Benefits Insurance.

(Censored) advised that he reviewed AMP’s Official Personnel file and noted that he listed one (Censored) 5526 Good Luck Road, Lanham, MD. as his wife on a standard form 53, “Designation of Beneficiary, Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Act of 1954,” and on a standard form 1772 “Designation of Beneficiary Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Civilian Employee,” both dated November 1, 1992.

(Censored) advised that on February 20, 1993 between approximately 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. he interviewed AMP at the terminal annex, USPS, Kensington, MD. During this interview, AMP acknowledged having written twenty-four articles for the weekly, independent magazine City Paper, all of which are titled “(S)wine–Fiction…sometimes” by AMP (note: intentional use of parentheses, not a typo.). He stated that these articles have appeared in two dozen issues of City Paper and that he is paid by its editorial board for these articles. He explained that his articles are “an inter-mixture of fiction and fact” and are “highly romanticized in order to give the story juice.” He further elaborated that he writes these articles “for sheer joy.” He acknowledged being the author of such articles titled “Gillette to Consumers: Fuck Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades,” and “The Journal of the American Medical Association: 4 Out of 5 Doctors Think the 5th is a Fuckhead.”

(Censored) further advised that AMP admitted to him that he entered into a common-law marriage with (Censored) who calls herself (Censored) (Censored) several years ago. AMP claimed that (Censored) does not want marriage and that (Censored) (Censored) (Censored). He stated that this (Censored) (Censored) (Censored) and who lives “someplace in the Midwest” (Censored) (Censored) (Censored). (Censored) He admitted that she shares his apartment and bed from time to time for limited periods of a few days. She also complained that AMP leaves the seat up when she’s there and doesn’t dry properly the area under his scrotum, thus emanating a constant, strange miasma resembling a combination of cabbage and head cheese.

(Censored) stated that AMP has an extremely poor employment record, fraught with scores of bad reviews, because of excessive absenteeism. He stated according to his record, AMP uses “ill health” as a reason for being absent.

(Censored) stated that he knows nothing at all concerning AMP’s associates (and that it’s highly likely that AMP has no associates at all), reputation, or loyalty to the United States. He stated, however, that based upon AMP’s admitted authorship of the above-mentioned articles and the fact that he is living in a common-law marriage, he would say that AMP’s moral character leaves much to be desired. He stated for this reason, he would not recommend AMP for retention as an employee of the United States Postal Service.

On March 23rd, 1993 (Censored) of New Carrollton, Md. advised (Censored) that his position/title is (Censored) of the apartments at 5234 Crescent Green, College Park, Md. He stated that AMP has resided in the apartment at 5234 Crescent Green for the past three years. He stated he cannot give the exact date that AMP moved to that address, as he has no records of his tenancy.

He stated that AMP is an excellent tenant who never associates with any of his neighbors. He stated that he keeps to himself all of the time he is in residence and never seems to have any visitors. (Censored), however, stated that there is an enormous, sometimes egregious, amount of garbage being generated by AMP, all in the form of empty gin bottles, which AMP has a tendency to leave by the door, outside his unit in several gargantuan cardboard boxes for many days at a time before he physically hauls (in a truck) the refuse to the designated receptacles on the premises of the property. (Censored) further stated that since the garbage mainly consists of empty bottles, there is no offensive odor emanating, and small animals such as mice, rats, cats, opossums, armadillos (?), sloths (??), mole rats (?), and almiqui (???), are not usually attracted to AMP’s refuse unless they’re drunkards ((Censored) proceeded to laugh heartily after that comment for quite a long time, making the situation quite awkward). At times, (Censored) has admitted to having removed several dozen empty bottles from AMP’s garbage, and returned them to the liquor store in order to redeem deposit fees which, according to (Censored), sometimes reached as high as fifteen dollars. (Censored) further advised that as far as he knows, AMP is not married and stated that he has never seen any women in or around his apartment. He stated that he feels that he does not know AMP well enough to comment on his character, associates, reputation, or loyalty to the United States, and stated that he could neither offer nor decline any recommendation of his character for that reason.


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