The Good Sentinel

4 Dec

To-day I’m very happy to bring out new work. The story is called “The Good Sentinel” and it’s published up at The Rappahannock Review.

This one took 14 months to place at a magazine and endured 67 rejections. I always knew it would be hard to publish it, because it checks in at nearly 7,000 words. With to-day’s attention spans being shorter than a few minutes, a 20-page piece stands nearly no chance.

I have to admit that sometime around rejection #40 I thought I’d be better off withdrawing it and maybe trying to publish it later as part of a collection. But opportunities kept popping up, so I kept sending it out.

I’m very grateful to Rappahannock fiction editor Jessie McDonald for having the courage and gumption to take this. It’s an unusual subject matter and quite long. The Rappahannock Review is only published twice per year, so I feel doubly grateful for beating those odds and getting this into print.

Speaking of, my understanding is that sometime in the spring there will be a hard copy version of this issue. I also did a Q & A with the editors, which is scheduled to appear in a couple of months as part of the promotional junket for the hard copy issue.

I hope you enjoy the story; it’s a bit of a long read, but I think it pays off.


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