Just Making Conversation

20 Jan

Many thanks to the crazysexycool (TLC reference, I know, me so 90s) editors over at The EEEL for taking my piece “Making Conversation in a Bar Making Soap Into a Bar.”

There was some weird technical snafu with this one, but it finally was able to see the light of day. Something about the entire site literally refusing to publish all the accepted pieces they had in their Submittable queue. It was scheduled to come out late last year, but in the end, all is well.

If you dig it, at the bottom of the piece, there is a Donate button. It’s the e-version of the tip hat and if you want to throw some coins into it, I’d be much obliged. The greatest thing about this feature is that the author gets to keep all of it; the site holds no percentage. So it’s the 21st century version of pimping one’s goods. It’s how authors get paid nowadays: hustling. Also, if you should need a Walkman(™) or a Beta video machine, please send me an electronic mail. But enough about my side business.

I originally slapped this piece on Fictionaut for 24 hours just to gauge the interest, and I was quite surprised at the positive play it received. It follows the same type of format or vibe you find in Short Lean Cuts, and it plays into my interest of both urban legends and the “How It’s Made” type shows out there. I always wondered how soap was made.

Anyway, I figured the story would best be suited at The EEEL and so I submitted it. I’m glad editor Josh Raab accepted it and that finally, after some tech issues, it found its home there; it belongs there.

Many thanks for your continued support.


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