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14 Nov

Hey there friends and fiends! Here’s the Q & A I did with writer Karen Stefano for her podcast “In Conversation” (Rare Bird Radio). We had us some good fun talking about my upcoming novel The Sun Eaters (Červená Barva Press) and a few other subjects. If you have some time to spare, are procrastinating some kind of deadline, are stuck in traffic, or workin’ hard at the gym, check it out. Thank you Karen and Rare Bird Radio for this cool opportunity. This was my first ever podcast.


Signed Copy of The Sun Eaters

10 Oct

Interested in ordering a copy of my debut novel The Sun Eaters? Check out this link for info.

Keep the Machines Flying

28 Aug

The Machines had been running low on fuel. They were hovering nevertheless, but hovering too low to the ground. Luckily, some petrol had been scrounged from deep underground and the Machines were refueled in the air, like they do with military jets but not quite as glamorous.

Some news then, now that the Machines are fully operational once again: my debut novel The Sun Eaters (Červená Barva Press) is slated to be released in October. My publisher is hard at work presently laying out the manuscript and creating a cover for the book. I’m very excited to bring out this little book to the world. I hope you love it as much as I do.

I have a short story called “Those Years in Montreal” coming out in November in the wonderful Guernica-A Magazine of Global Arts and Politics. I’m quite humbled to present this long short story (11K words), particularly in this highly respected magazine. It’s my second time around at Guernica (first story, Vanya, is here), and I couldn’t be more grateful to fiction editor Meakin Armstrong for publishing this story.

Because of that particular good news, then, we’ve decided to delay the second short story collection “The Imagination of the State” (Independent Talent Group, Inc.) until late spring of 2018. Guernica retains rights to its stories for 6 months after publishing them, and both ITG and I want to include “Those Years in Montreal” in the collection. Rights revert back to me in April, 2018. The collection should be out soon thereafter. I keep telling myself: “patience, Grasshopper…patience.”

I will be attending the AWP conference in Tampa in 2018, in support of my novel, The Sun Eaters. Come by the bookstore March 7-10 and find me working the Červená Barva Press table. Buy yourself a copy and I’ll sign it over to you and make some kind of relevant chit-chat. And check out the press’s other titles and talk to its other authors. We’ll all be there waiting for ya like famished, insane hyenas.

Finally there’s a little something that my partner in crime and I are going to have for you soon. It’s the Buck Fitty Ditty (BFD-no it’s not THAT acronym) and we think you’re going to really dig this concept. We’ll have more details here and on my social media platforms soon.

As always, thanks so much for your support, kind words, likes, thumbs-up, hearts, minds, hooves, tails, organs, and whatever else you usually offer up as gifts.

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