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Faerie Tales

1 Dec

Been a while, hasn’t it. Here is a little pseudo faerie tale that just got picked up in the December issue of The Airgonaut (many thanks to editor Sheldon Lee Compton!). It’s a nod to Hans Christian Andersen’s not-so-well-known faerie tale The Little Match Girl. I hope you dig it.


Gears Review

17 Oct

Many thanks to this wonderful person for probably the most insightful review of Gears that I’ve ever read. I don’t really know who this person is, just that she is a woman photographer from Raleigh, NC. She has followed me on Twitter for a while now and I have her on my Friends list there and very much enjoy her photographs, the few times she posts them.

Almost four years after it was published, I’m so happy this book connects with some people still. Reviews like this make me want to push forward, despite the usual disappointments of being a literary writer in today’s short-attention-span, no-curiosity times.

Many thanks to those few of you who are still sticking with me and reading my material. I am beyond grateful and obliged.

Bugs Bugs Everywhere

26 Aug

In late May, while I was travelling in Iceland, I got some good news about a little flash piece called “Infest.” The Talking Book editors liked it and picked it up. Many thanks to editor Kris Hartrum for pulling the trigger on this piece. It will also appear in my upcoming collection The Imagination of the State.

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