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Bugs Bugs Everywhere

26 Aug

In late May, while I was travelling in Iceland, I got some good news about a little flash piece called “Infest.” The Talking Book editors liked it and picked it up. Many thanks to editor Kris Hartrum for pulling the trigger on this piece. It will also appear in my upcoming collection The Imagination of the State.



26 Aug

Coming in late, waaay late with this one, but here is my short story “Interview with Juan Weider” that was picked up at Alphanumeric on the heels of the story winning the Dukool Magazine Fiction Contest…that never was meant to be. Dukool folded before running the story. The editors at Alphanumeric were quick to pick it up. Many thanks to Lise Quintana and Allie Marini.

A Little Back and ‘fro

4 Apr

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here. I’m not so sure what the fate of “the blog” in general seems to be lately, but I try real hard to come here and put up anything worthy, even if it’s just shameless self-promotion as I’m about to present.

Late last year The Rappahannock Review published a short story of mine called “The Good Sentinel.” It was a pretty big deal to me, as the story is nearly 8,000 words, and material that long hardly ever sees the light of day. Even hard copy journals tend to be allergic to that kind of length. But somehow it happened, and the editors chose to publish it.

Now, a few months later, they’ve released an interview we did together in order to give the issue and the story itself another little boost.

If you’re interested, you can find it here.

We talk about things like science, writer’s block, and that pesky little so-and-so called “The Muse.” I hope you enjoy it.

The original story, “The Good Sentinel” is here.

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