What is [S]WINE?

IMG_4717[S]WINE is the online home of author Alex M. Pruteanu.

Since emigrating to the United States from Romania in 1980, Alex has worked as a journalist, television news director, freelance writer, and editor. His writing has appeared in Guernica, PANK, The Stockholm Review of Literature, The Adroit Journal, On Barcelona, Airplane Reading, and many others. He has published a novella: Short Lean Cuts, and two collections of short stories and flash fiction: Gears and The Imagination of the State (Independent Talent Group, Inc). His first novel The Sun Eaters was published by Červená Barva Press in January 2018. Alex’s new book, Tales from the Trough, inspired by his days in US media is scheduled to be published in late 2023. Alex lives with his family near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Besides in real life, Alex only lives on Instagram: suneaterlx


Please note: Some of the journals listed below no longer exist, unfortunately, but most pieces are available in Gears: A Collection and The Imagination of the State.

Guernica Magazine (“Those Years in Montreal”)
The Airgonaut (“The Girl Who Loved to Strike Matches”)
Talking Book (“Infest”)
Nonbinary Review #8 (“Interview with Juan Weider”)
The EEEL by tNY Press (“Making Conversation in a Bar Making Soap Into a Bar”)
Flash Frontier (“Cheap2”)

The Rappahannock Review (“The Good Sentinel”)

The Miscreant (“Toy Soldiers”)

Maudlin House (“Tucumcari, 1990”)

The Adroit Journal (“Patrol”)

The Stockholm Review of Literature (“A Pursuit Race”)
Electric Cereal (“Born Out of This”)
Guernica Magazine (“Vanya”)
PANK Magazine (“May Day”)
Blue Fifth Review: The Blue Collection #4 (“The Violoncellist”)
Blue Fifth Review: Flash Special (“Breadcrumbs”)
Blue Fifth Review: International Special (“It’s a Princess’ Life”)
EgoPhobia (“Moving Through”)
Atticus Review (“Nathaniel Thurhurst”)
Thrush Poetry Journal (“Basil”)
The Newer York (“Ally Ally Enemy” & “A Brief History of Time A Sort of Review”)
FRIGG Magazine: Issue 38 (3 Stories – “Incident Outside Novi Sad” / “Surviving Winter in Copenhagen” / “The Osseous Tissue of Fish…”)
Santa Fe Literary Review (print only)
Literary Orphans (“Bud’s Warehouse”)
The Prague Review (“Everything Rhymes With Orange”)
The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review (“Ma, in Fragments”)
The Northville Review (“Shortleancuts”)
JMWW (“Retired Dictators”)
A-Minor Magazine (“The Barber”)
Marco Polo Arts Magazine (“Dulce et Decorum Est” & “Schisms of Kukulkan”)
Scissors and Spackle (“Man Goes, Again”)
On Barcelona (“A Brief, Weird History of John 3:16”)
BRICKrhetoric (“The Prune Eaters”)
Short, Fast, and Deadly: April 2012 Issue (“Terminals A, B, and C Are Without Power”)
Necessary Fiction (“The Rubber Penguin”) and (“Pawning Dowry”)
Used Furniture Review (A Collaboration) and again here (“Resident Alien”)
Subtle Fiction (“A Well-Trained Horse Can Sometimes Say I Love You”)
Lost In Thought Magazine; Issue 3 (“Round Trip to Elyria for a Funeral and Wake”) (print only)
The Bookends Review (“Some of Life”)
Airplane Reading (“Air America” & “Writers Inside a Bag / Parabolic Urine Flow” & “Mother Tongue”)
The Legendary (“Three Decades in an Empty Jar of Mayo” & “Half Asleep in Striped Pajamas” & “Welcome Back Bub, We Missed Ya” & “Sick” & “Running West and East With Important Books in Liquor Store Boxes”)
TrainWrite (“Sleepers”)
Firestorm Literary and Arts Journal (“Ars Poetica” co-written with Helen Vitoria)
Camroc Press Review (“It Could Be”)
The Rusty Nail: Issue 6 (“Veracruz in Fragments”)
Girls With Insurance (“Urban Legend” & “We Don’t Do Takeout”)
Trick With a Knife
Bizarro Central: Flash Fiction Friday, March 2012 (“Grab It The Bucket”)
Amphibi.us (“Idiosyncrasy” & “The Men” & “The Magnifying Glass” & “Reading E.A.P.’s Stash”)
The Monarch Review (“The Sun Eaters”)
Connotation Press (“Two Sides of One Half” and “De Aardappeleters”)
Slingshot Litareview (“The Old Ceremony” & “Super-Exchanger”)
Specter Literary Magazine (“Orange Cigarettes”)
Yareah Magazine: Issue 23 (“Chunks of Wall”) & Issue 24 (“Senora D Las Iguanas”) & Issue 32 (“Apparatus”)
Merida: A Literary Magazine (“Kid”) and another (“Second Law of Thermodynamics”)
Bong Is Bard (“4th Week in Rehab” & “Nth Week in Rehab”)
Jumping Blue Gods (“A Sort of Love Letter to Elise Mother The State” & “Frankie Goes to Hollywood Redux” & “According To”)
Thunderclap Press: Issue 7 (“Miles and Miles”)
Thunderclap Press (april 2012 “In Fifty-Seven Words”)


The Lit Pub (Book Reviews written by Alex M. Pruteanu)
The Prague Revue (Monthly Columns)

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