A Pursuit Race

20 Mar

My new short story “A Pursuit Race” is now published here at The Stockholm Review of Literature.

It’s a departure from many of the themes that I’ve often explored in my short or flash pieces. I’m happy it found a home at The Stockholm Review…it seemed destined for a Scandinavian publication just from the main character’s name (Paasili). Well now, it’s not even a true Scandinavian name, really…I ┬ájust made it up. But it sounds like it could be.

At the time I began to write the story, I had just finished Arto Paasilinna‘s wonderful little novel The Year of the Hare. (Incidentally, the theme of that book doesn’t have any bearing on “A Pursuit Race.”) I loved not just the novel, but the author’s name, as well. And I decided to steal it. Well, part of it anyway. Plus, there is something more interesting about an oddly named character, or a name none of us have really heard ever before–especially as it fits within this particularly strange, disorienting piece. I think quickly of some of Thomas Pynchon’s wacky names peppered throughout his strange but wonderful novels…although those are more comical than, say, “Paasili.” What the hell does Paasili invoke? Fusili pasta? Silly pasta? Ok, maybe it’s sort of funny. No? All right then.

In any case, I hope you like this story. Many thanks go to the editors of The Stockholm Review of Literature for taking a chance on this piece.

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